Tons of old-skool fun

Play alone or with a friend through 32+ levels of immersive gameplay.

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Demolition Crew is currently available on iOS and Android

Apple TV, Android Tv, Amiga OS4 and MorphOS is coming soon!

New meets old

Demolition Crew makes it's best to use new technology to meet your retro needs.

32+ levels

Currently 32 levels and more are on the way without extra charge


Play with a friend through the local WiFi. One starts a local game and your friend joins your local game.

Bonus items

Collect stars and coins to raise you score.


Mark a building ready for demolition to enable the next one.

Privacy Policy

Demolition Crew doesn't store any personal information.

Neither do we send any sensible information to third part.

The only thing the game stores is the current score for each level.

In iOS and tvOS the score is stored in the users iCloud.